Boost Your Revenue By Joining Caronet

Right now your customers and prospects are weighing their options on how to leverage Cloud, server hosting and data center colocation strategies to gain greater efficiencies and lower their overall IT operational costs. By partnering with Caronet, you can offer your customers more while potentially lower your costs and earning additional revenue.

Caronet is an experienced, recognized solution provider that has been creating Internet and data center-based solutions since 1995. In partnering with us, you can leverage our full product offering to better meet your customers' needs—and earn additional revenue while you do it.

Partnering with Caronet Provided
Opportunity to deliver the latest Cloud and Hosted Server technology
Ability to add new recurring revenue stream for the life of the customer
Caronet Engineered Hosting Solutions for reliable uptime
24/7 Sales and Customer Service
Dedicated Channel Account Manager
Marketing Materials, Sales Aids and Press Release opportunities

Reseller Program

Many companies want the ability to provide IT infrastructure services as part of their overall portfolio and maintain control of the client by billing them directly. Caronet provides reselling options with generous discounts.

Referral Program

Our referral program is ideal for companies who want to provide engineered hosting services to their clients, yet don't want to play the continued role of middle man. Our referral program offers you the opportunity to earn commissions for the life of the customer, while Caronet bills the end user directly.

Software Development

Game and software developers can apply for the potential of lowering or eliminating hosting costs during software application development cycles. Caronet understands what it takes to develop a software program, we are happy to help our partners lower costs and improve performance when we are able.

Strategic Partner Program

This option is ideal for companies in need of a traditional subcontractor or the ability to provide a private label of our suite of Cloud, managed hosting, dedicated hosting and colocation services. IT outsourcing, telecom and software companies often take advantage of this program to expand their IT infrastructure services while controlling costs.

Next Step

For questions, additional information or to request approval to become a Caronet partner, please send an email to with the following information: your name, company name, contact information, website address, a brief description of your company, and the specific partner programs you want to pursue.