Our evaluation checklist identifies more than 45 key features that will assist you in selecting a quality data center provider to support your IT infrastructure. 


  • Company Experience: When evaluating providers it's critical to look for significant experience on the leadership team, as well as well-trained and experiences support staff. You will find a list of questions to ask in order to investigate thouroughly. 
  • Security: Just because a colocation facility calls itself "secured" doesn't mean it has the latest and most thorough security measures in place. Here is what to look for...
  • Infrastructure: Don't settle for a blanket statement regarding redundancy. Due diligence in this sphere will pay dividends when disaster strikes. Find four key elements that you want to see while evaluating. 
  • Network: While network redundancy is critical, there are many other network features that you should look for while evaluating providers such as, are they carrier neutral, do they have BGP routing, and is there route optimization?