Hosting Space Infrastructure

We know how important infrastructure is to ensuring a sound hosting solution. That's why we've invested so heavily in ours. We're passionate about engineering our secure data center for maximum performance, security, reliability and availability. And we're committed to optimizing the overall experience for you.

What do I get? Caronet
A 250-square-foot loading dock and secure equipment staging area
6" cement flooring with water vapor barrier
7" steel reinforced tilt-up concrete walls
Dual actuated dry-pipe fire suppression
Redundant HVAC/air-cooled CRAC units
Customizable space to suit any needs or requirements
Exterior and interior closed-circuit motion-sensitive video surveillance
Electronic proximity keycard verification access
Biometric palm-scanner verification access
Level 3 and 4 tiered security
Individually locked colocation cages and cabinets
Passive infrared sensors above ceiling tiles


While we guarantee our clients 24-hour access 365 days a year, we are committed to ensuring that only verified people make their way in. Our two-part identification verification process includes electronic proximity keycard verification and biometric palm-scanning verification. Our Level 3 and 4 tiered security structure includes usage of exterior and interior closed-circuit motion-sensitive video surveillance, and colocation cages ad cabinets are individually locked

Facilities Fit for Your Needs

Caronet offers over 35,000 square feet of secure data center hosting space, making us one of the premier colocation and hosting facilities. Our data center facilities were built with your business in mind, and each space includes what we believe to be necessities.