Industry Solutions

Data center outsourcing is no longer an industry secret. Today, businesses are saving money because they no longer need to purchase their own servers and data center space; instead, they can now leverage Cloud capabilities for computing power.

Caronet understands how greatly businesses can benefit from flexible IT architecture options, and we're committed to helping each customer find the right solution for their business. We serve customers all over the globe, with 50% of our revenue coming from other continents. We believe this is a testament to our capabilities, network, service offering and data center facilities.

Caronet provides IAAS services (Engineered Hosting Infrastructure as a Service) to a wide variety of software developers and technology service providers. Below are industry segments that we serve, as well as detailed descriptions outlining our commitment to understand your business's needs and determine the right solution.

Technology Services Online Media Developers / Entertainment Vertical Industries
Hosting Companies Advertising Agencies Web Developers Manufacturing
Systems Integrators Internet Marketing Software Companies Telecom
IT Consultants E-Commerce Online Game Providers Medical
MSP / VARS Video / Audio Providers SAAS Financial

Game Development

Focusing on the end user experience, offering high availability services and providing 24/7 responsiveness have established Caronet as the provider of choice for gaming sources all over the world. What you get? Superior bandwidth and performance, secure infrastructure and SLA guarantee.

Hosting Providers

When Caronet began offering hosting services, we did so with hosting providers in mind. We provide Cloud, server hosting and managed colocation options—all of which are inclusive of name brand server technology, bandwidth connectivity and Tier3/Tier4 data center facilities. We offer aggressive reseller pricing to shared, Web and dedicated hosting providers located all over the world.

Software Developers

Caronet provides a wide array of solutions for application, software and mobility focused developers. We understand that the life cycle of a piece of software begins with initial coding and testing states before moving to Beta testing and, finally, the production stage. Caronet provides Cost Scalability solutions to account for your development life cycle.

Online Media

Marketing and advertising firms are using Caronet for online media and video commercial campaigns. Our connectivity solutions, combined with our Engineered Hosting approach, provides these companies with a reliable way to service their clients' online branding needs.

International Companies

Caronet has developed rapport with a growing list of Internationally based companies, providing them with a US point of presence using our Cloud, hosting and colocation services. The value of partnering with Caronet lies in our managed services and our ability to quickly provide server technology for applications that serve users in both the US and abroad. Our offering can help internationally based companies expand their interests in the US market.

Technology Service Providers

Caronet enables technology service providers to merge their service offerings with Caronet IAAS services, including Cloud, hosting and colocation. Leveraging our service capabilities allows technology service providers to offer more to their clients and, thus, to potentially take on more of their clients' business—which promotes longer relationships and additional revenue opportunities.