Colo by the Cabinet

Caronet Colocation offers an affordable way for businesses that need secure hosting space with high availability options to keep your applications running. Standard Configuration, High Availability, High Density and Disaster Recovery are just some of the ways customers utilize our colocation services. Power options include both 110v and 208v (three phase option available). Caronet facilities are also carrier neutral and deploy multiple bandwidth solutions that our customers can utilize for reliable connectivity with automatic redundancy for fail over in case of an outage.

Cabinet Solutions

Cabinet Solutions can be provided in locking third, half, full or multi-cabinet configurations. A server cabinet can securely provide 10U or up to 42U (slot units) for servers, storage, firewalls and networking gear in our data centers engineered for high-availability. To help reserve contiguous growth space, first right of refusal options are available.

Colocation Cabinet Details

Product Total "U" Power
Third13 Usable110V or 208V
Half20 Usable110V or 208V
Full42 Usable110V or 208V

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Colo by the "U" Solutions

Our Colo by the “U” solutions let you customize your needs from 1U on up of usable space, securely locked in a world-class data center. Providing 24/7 access to the facility so that you can configure, troubleshoot, and install additional hardware components as you see fit. Alternatively, you can utilize our staff “Smart Hands” to service your server as well.

Our Colo by the “U” solutions are perfect for the client that has less than a full rack worth of equipment. This keeps you from over-investing in cabinet space while providing access to a facility that ensures the highest level of security, reliability and availability for your online applications.

Colocation "U" Details

Total "U" Power Pricing
For pricing per U's great than 10U please contact sales for pricing.

Colo by the Cage

Our Colo by the Cage solutions allow you to tailor your specific needs and requirements in a cost effective way without the upfront and outgoing costs involved in maintaining and operating your own in-house data center. No longer do you have to be concerned with potential attacks on your network, power outages, who’s accessing your equipment, cooling requirements and costly expansion of space. With Caronet’s engineered approach to colocation you can rest assured that your equipment is highly available and secured.

Cage space sizes can range from 10 x 10 units to 1000’s of square feet. To inquire about the costs of implementing your own colocation cage space contact one of our engineers today.

To view some of our current custom cage spaces in our data center click on the images below.

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