Caronet Cloud: Engineered for You

Enterprise Cloud hosting is a beautiful thing. Gone are the days of force-fitting a hosting package whether it suits your needs or not. Instead, in just minutes you can lease as much (or as little) as you need without being limited to a particular infrastructure. Keep it for as long as you need it, paying for only what you use. Even reconfigure on the fly. At Caronet, we offer an array of Cloud hosting options, including both public and private, managed and unmanaged—all based on VMware's virtualization technology.


Why VMware?

Caro is proud to partner with VMware to offer you the ultimate in Cloud virtualization. The leader in virtual server technology, VMware satisfies the Cloud computing demands of all Fortune 100 companies. Their robust and secure virtualization platform provides freedom, control, reliability and security, while ensuring compatibility with more than 450 operating systems. Perhaps most importantly, VMware supports Caro’s approach to serving customers: Engineered hosting. No one-size-fits-all solutions.



Our Cloud hosting is secure by design, ensuring true customer isolation for public Cloud. For managed Cloud and private Cloud customers who prefer an even higher level of protection, VMware’s vShield products offer enhanced security, load balancing, application security and operating system protection. Private VLANs and private networks are also available by request.


Our Cloud hosting services are built for high availability. We proactively monitor host server health, maximizing uptime while assuring speed and performance. Our Cloud host infrastructure features redundant power from diverse power feeds, and our network is built on multiple providers.


Our Cloud servers are built for speed on Xeon-based hosts, gigabit networks, and high-speed fibre-channel SAN storage. We manage I/O to our storage and network to protect against performance bottlenecks.


We're here for you day or night. Simply submit a ticket via email or the support portal or give us a call. Your problem will be addressed by high-level support staff, generally within minutes. We work quickly and efficiently until the problem has been solved to your satisfaction.